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Interviews with Mark:

Let It Rock  February 2009

Metal Rules   July 2012 

Rock United   2015 

The Bailey Brothers   2015

Eternal Terror   July 2016 

Sentinel Daily  Sept 2017

Heavy Rock Rapture (HRH radio interview, Mark appears at 43min)  Jan 2018

We Rock Webzine  Feb 2018

Outsider Rock   Feb 2018

Andy Fox Rock Show (BCFM Radio interview, click on 22.02.18  22.00)

"Close to the Mark" book reviews:

Uber Rock

Let It Rock

Rock United

Kingdom of Madness

Official website

Concert Booking Agency


Websites recommended by Mark

Rodney Matthews

Tyla's Art Tavern

Spike's Free House

Spike's Official Website

Micky Moody's Official Website

Pat McManus' Official Website

Manfred Mann's Official Website

Snakecharmer's Official Website

Lisa Mills' Official Website

Beginner's Guide to the Piano

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