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Close to the Mark - The Book



Purchase a copy of "Close to the Mark" and you will automatically be entered into Mark's next memorabilia raffle free of charge, saving you £2.50

During his illustrious career, Mark has experienced and witnessed a great amount of, let's say, "interesting stuff" and many hilarious and sometimes outrageous "behind the scenes" situations have up until now remained in his head as treasured memories.

Mark has catalogued some of the best of these golden moments and included them in his book "Close to the Mark" which was published in June 2015, The book also contains over 170 photographs, many of which have never been seen before. He also personally illustrated them to include special graphics and maximum size and resolution. All of this coupled with months spent researching dates, times, names, going through old press cuttings and diaries for optimum accuracy. The book also includes a definitive and highly detailed Magnum discography.

"Close to the Mark" is still available and can be ordered through our web store and purchased at Mark's live shows. All books are personally signed (to the name of your choice) and hand numbered.

To order your copy simply go to our store page and follow the simple instructions.

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